The world’s first

purple wine

A celebration of nature’s rarest colour, embellished with mystery and nobility.

We have harnessed nature’s rarest colour and most powerful visible wave-length to create a popular style of wine embellished with mystery and nobility. 

Our range of wines are infused with botanicals to both minimise the use of sulphites, and also provide an amazing purple colour and vibrancy.

Harnessing the power of purple -

Purple foods contain anthocyanins that are known for their anti-oxidative properties. We utilise these to:

After all, sulphur is just an antioxidant, so why  not look at a natural, organic replacement?

“A fusion of nature’s rarest colour and natural botanicals, Purple Reign wines are truly an art-meets-science moment.”

– masstengo founders


classic white blend

Enriched with naturally-occurring antioxidants for a sip with less Sulphites

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